My closest ancient yDNA cousins

2022 year is kinda interesting from yDNA research results.

First in Jan-2022 yDNA community got some news about yDNA results of Avars, Huns based on analysis of DNA material from Hungary.

Previous article in this kind of DNA direction was related to Loschbour Man, and place I visited in Luxembourg in 2019. here is my details in article.

A bit related was an article about similarity with Martin Luther, and article from 2019 is here.

Details about me and Gleb Svyatoslavich I put in my dedicated article.

In 2021 I posted an article about ancient DNA and me, but on different levels, directions, chromosomes.

Not sure how much Hungarian I-B57 person from Karos location in Hungary was, but data about it not yet added on FTDNA, and my Jul-2022 article is here.

Then in Jul/Aug-2022 new feature of FTDNA Discover released, and we could now see a bit more especially in regards ancient DNA and known notable people with whom we have common ancestors, including very interesting from Kraków-Zakrzówek (Poland). And Sep-2022 I published an article about VK210.

Sep-2022 brought me new ancient yDNA result from Turkey – Ilipinar 10430 aka I10430.

Oct-2022 brought me 2 a bit weird results from Bezdanjača Cave.

I see some yDNA genetic connections between Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Lithuania. But I can’t grasp it – I can’t connect the dots to understand what was common among them, who was common ancestor for all of us. I think I will need a few years to research and find out more details. So goal of this article is to “connect the dots” between a few ancient DNA materials, which were researched by scientists and those fossils have yDNA similar to my.

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Kraków-Zakrzówek 24 (VK210)

One of goals why I moved to Poland in 2015 was idea of research in many directions: genealogy, etymology, history and genetics. And I never doubted.

Since maybe 2016-2017 I knew that there were excavations in Poland in general, but I didn’t know much of details.

2022 brought us FTDNA Discover feature, and almost day by day some new records found as ancient matches for me. So somewhere in Aug-2022 I got a new “match” – Kraków-Zakrzówek 24, which was nice surprise, because I know where that place is, and I was there a few times.

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My yDNA cousins from Karos (HU)

Jan-2022 genetics study results based on previous archeological results of Hungarian Conquest Era, in particular from graves in Karos in Hungary brings me ONLY 4 yDNA I2a-S20602+ (Y3120+) results. And three of them SEEMS TO BE I-Y4460+ and one of them is I-B57+. And I am also Y4460+, B57+ 🙂

Who were those ancient Magyars who separated from Khazars Khaganate, conquering Europe via Carpathian mountains as immigrants ended up on modern Hungarian lands, and seems to be buried in Karos in Arpád dynasty style (or at least somehow related) mixed with Székelys religion signs?

I may only assume, that if that was yDNA male born from Khazar woman but somehow via NPE from Ruthenian prince or regular Magyar person (descendant of Székelys or maybe somehow from Cucuteni-Trypillian culture) that would explain somehow. And it seems to NOT be related to slaves Ruthenians woman, which might have been in Khazar Khaganate groups. Need to research more.

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My genetics and Hungarians, Huns, Avars

At first, far in Jan-2022 I thought it’s not related to me. On this Facebook discussions on ‘Genealogia Genetyczna’ (polish language) I thought at first it’s only R1a, R1b yDNA results. But some time later, Jun-2022 I realized there are some results with yDNA haplogroup I2a+ I-Y4460.

The main source is a study from Jan-2022 by Zoltan Maroti and other – “Whole genome analysis sheds light on the genetic origin of Huns, Avars and conquering Hungarians“:

  • “sequenced 9 Hun, 143 Avar and 113 Hungarian conquest period samples, and identified three core populations, representing immigrants from each period, with no recent European ancestry”. Andrii: 265 results.
  • “results suggest that this “immigrant core” of both Huns and Avars originated in present day Mongolia, and their origin can be traced back to Xiongnus“.
  • “On the other hand, the “immigrant core” of the conquering Hungarians derived from an earlier admixture of Mansis, early Sarmatians and descendants of late Xiongnus”.
  • “… detected shared Hun-related ancestry in numerous Avar and Hungarian conquest period genetic outliers indicating a genetic link between these successive nomadic groups”.
  • “identified that the majority of the individuals from each period were local residents, harboring “native European” ancestry.”

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Why T2T is so important?

First time I realized T2T existence from a few posts on Facebook group about FTDNA BigY – T2T, which seemed to me a some kind of scam (so far I don’t have source it was/is true plan). Then a few posts from Ted Kandell proved that T2T results are actual stuff. Then I realized existence of FTT SNP index, and finally I realized, that FTDNA reorganized I-S17250 haplogroup/branch results which is NOT particularly related to me, but still I am interested in that branch also.

So this article is about what is T2T and why it’s important, in particular my interest is yDNA genetics research.

The article will evolve, because I expect some big news after #RootsTech webinar in March 2022.

Source Facebook, but later on such posts and images have been removed, so I am NOT sure true or false that information was

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I know since around 2010, when I joined (created account) for mostly genealogical searches. And at that time I had a paid subscription. But in 2014-2015 years I declined the subscription. Then I got my first results from FamilyTreeDna aka FTDNA I then uploaded raw DNA file to a few other companies, and I described my ethnicity results in dedicated article in 2016 – #atDNA 3 [ethnicity admixture]. Since then I didn’t order DNA kit from ancestry, because I knew it will require shipping from/to USA and they will not ship to neither Ukraine or Poland. Meanwhile, in 2020 I ordered Dante Labs WGS kind of test – but it’s only yDNA/mtDNA results. And in 2021 year, I was lucky to get atDNA results from, which in general very common for Ukrainians – so not much of discoveries, but just one more test.


Previous results:  Aug-2021, Nov-2021, Apr-2022.

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Dante Labs WGS results

In Nov-2020 I ordered an Whole Genome Sequencing test from Dante Labs test, with receiving a DNA kit (delivered from Germany/Italy to Poland)/ Sent to the laboratory. It’s kind of Full Genome testing (not working link anymore), there was a “Black Friday” discount, and comparing other companies this one seems to be cheaper ($181 for 30x test). Also they had other, more expensive tests ($726 for 30x test – $1030 for “130x + 30x” test). Nowadays a web page with details is here and as I see it’s not clear where new people can order test now. Looks like they do not offer tests anymore? Reminds me of LivingDNA a few years ago…

Anyhow, the promised Dante Labs results in Feb-2021 were delayed, and finally in Jun-2021 I got results.

Short outcome: looks like some kind of not reliable company (imho).

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Genetics Research Results Review [2014-2021]

This summary-article is about all genetic resources/services I use for my genetics/DNA research as for the Feb-2021. I planned to publish such article a few years ago, but let it be this one.


  • History of my orders and companies.
  • Other genetics companies to test with / upload raw data.
  • FAQ which I dare to answer :).
  • What next?

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