Genetics Research Results Review [2014-2021]

This summary-article is about all genetic resources/services I use for my genetics/DNA research as for the Feb-2021. I planned to publish such article a few years ago, but let it be this one.


  • History of my orders and companies.
  • Other genetics companies to test with / upload raw data.
  • FAQ which I dare to answer :).
  • What next?

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Ancient DNA and Me

Looking up shared segments in modern human genome in comparison with ancient DNA is not really useful for genealogical research, but is rather interesting in long term historical and anthropological research. I’m an not educated in neither directions, but I combine the information collected for my research. I wanted to publish such article since 2016 year, when I first realized GEDMATCH service help. But the topic itself isn’t priority for me, and is not an easy task. Lot of different thoughts and ideas about what is true and what is false. Anyway this article intent to be a collection of tools, mostly free Internet resources, where we can gain some data in regards to ancient DNA (also called archaic DNA). And is rather combination of atDNA, xDNA (my detailed article), yDNA (my latest article) and mtDNA (my article). All information below in most cases proves many genetics questions and misteries in regards countries, ethnicities admixture, and why a particular ancient DNA fossil I have a shared DNA segments with…

This is heatmap from GEDMACTH 🙂

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Gleb Svyatoslavich and me

yDNA I2a haplogroup got a “Viking” result – Gleb Svyatoslavich [1051 – 1078] – from recent research. says, that this portrait of the results of the work of Kiev criminalists (from the alleged skull of Gleb Svyatoslavich). Here is PDF in Ukrainian lang, about detailed skull research results. And on I took that “beautified” portrait of Gleb. For the lack of better imagery of Gleb I took that “beautified” and compared to myself.

My Viking/Varangian/Slavic/Rurik’s cousin Gleb is on the left side, and me on the right side.

The fact, that we both Ruthenians and blue-eye men it’s well known and OK, but his face reminds not me, but one of my neighbors in village where I born in Ukraine 😀 Seriously… jokes aside… And how I look now in 2020, you can see on my WordPress avatar. I will maybe create a face recognition model for machine learning (Neural Network) and will define how much really different my face is from Gleb’s. That would be an interesting programming task (but requires better quality of Gleb’s photo).


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How I met “Loschbour” Man – my 8000 y.o. yDNA cousin

First time I’ve heard about Loschbour Man, was somewhere when I researched ancient DNA (2017/2018). It could have been mix of Eupedia, GEDMATCH, FTDNA and YFULL as a source for me. And finally Sep-08-2019 I visited Luxembourg to meet my cousin 🙂

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Таємна Історія Українців (копія статті 2010-го року)

В інтерв’ю (АЛ: 2010-го) „Експресу” автор нової праці „Історія українського народу” виклав сенсаційну концепцію докиївської України

Святослав Семенюк

Давньоукраїнські міста Липсько. Дрезно, Пороги, Дубовиця…” — на столі перед журналістом та істориком Святославом Семенюком розгорнуті карта “Давня Україна-Русь (V—X ст.)” і понад 600-сторінкова книга “Історія українського народу”. “Як бачите, назви на мапі зазначені в дужках, — коментує автор цих праць — Бо тепер міста називаються… Лейпциг, Дрезден, Прага, Бухарест!

Історична концепція Святослава Семенюка шокує, його висновки викликають природну недовіру. “Не може бути! Доведіть!” — вимагаємо ми.

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New SNP under Y4460 [yDNA]

This is my latest article for 2018, and I plan to update it at least during 2018, but for sure till next SNP discovered.

UPD. For proper tracing how my journey was, I suggest to read all other, in time-related sequence:


New SNP – new article. It’s about new branches under Y4460, which appeared in FTDNA system, and later a bit in YFULL.

UPD. Aug-03-2019, I received Big Y-700 update. But it’s not finish 🙂 Now, let’s dive into details.

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UPD. For proper tracing how my journey was, I suggest to read all other, in time-related sequence:


I know YFULL service since maybe 2015, after I started more research in yDNA direction. At that time, I knew that it’s only yDNA tree representation, but I didn’t pay much attention how they do. Later on, 2015-2017, it becomes more popular, and they gave ability to upload DNA raw files to the system and for the dedicated payment they provide more detailed results. I ordered BigY test from FTDNA Aug-2017, but it was delivered only in Nov-2017. And I didn’t have BAM file from FTDNA, which was needed as input file for YFULL. Fortunately, YFULL implemented VCF file analysis, and I was able to upload it and to receive some preliminary results. Jan-2018 I ordered YFULL account based/using VCF (49$), and I knew, that later on I will be able to upgrade with free upload of BAM file. May-2018, FTDNA finally renewed BAM file generation. I requested, and after some time I receive BAM file. Then I uploaded to yfull, so my account upgraded. Jun-2018 got some results from YFULL in Upgrade section. But in fact not so much new info. Anyway, YFULL looks very active service, then have recently published v6.03.41 (Jul-2018), which looks to be following SemVer, and I expect their updates more frequent now. Aug-2019 I received new Big Y-700 results, new BAM file, and I re-uploaded to YFULL, which gave me new ID – YF64515.

Ok, no let’s get more detailed.

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Big Y test results [ydna]

This was long road for me to order Big Y test, and mostly it’s because I didn’t know the real benefit of it. Now is the time to analyze results.

UPD. For proper tracing how my journey was, I suggest to read all other, in time-related sequence:


Since 2014 till 2017 I was not sure, what Big Y can give me, but now I realized, that main purpose is to find out new SNP, potentially unique only in my Y chromosome (meaning in my yDNA ancestry). And with a hope, by having it done, it should help me to find male relatives (yDNA matches) a bit faster and maybe more precisely.

UPD: Sep-2018, I received great news – another DNA test result from Lithuania, based on FTDNA I2a haplogroup group managers showed similarity with my DNA. And it caused FTDNA to name a new branch I-Y128456.

UPD. Aug-02-2019, I received Big Y-700 update.



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H13a1d [mtDNA]

It’s about my genetics research since “Eve” till through my mother, based on Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which is passed from mother to children, but only female can pass it through ages via birth. So son and daughter have mtDNA but only daughter can pass it further by heritage.

In 2014/2015 I did mtDNA tests via FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) for myself and in 2015/2016 for my mother. Based on mtDNA phylotree Build 17 (as feb-2017) my maternal ancestry belongs to H13a1d subclade. So far I continue research mtDNA community to get all possible information about my female ancestry.

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