Another Polish version of Lundiak

Thanks to Alex Sharon from my discussion in Google:  Group Soc.Culture.Slavic, Polish,  Chech-Slovak I have discovered for myself another polish variant – Lundziak.

Strange, in Ukraine it sounds like Лундзяк … but.

This is pending approval version, but still, now I have more than I had:

  • Łundiak – Лундяк (Вундяк, Ўундяк),
  • Łuńdiak – Луньдяк (Вуньдяк, Ўуньдяк)
  • Lundiak – Люндяк,
  • Luńdiak – Люньдяк

And even Liundiak or Lyundiak – as Люндяк


  • late-2014: Since I have recent updates, this was really surname of one branch of Lundiak/Люндяк heritage from Ukraine/Kalusz/Novitsa. Details here.
  • Here is 2014/09 another article I published here – Lundiak vs.Lundziak
  • 2106: Over searching the Internet, I also found Lundziak Daniel, (Russia, Poland) Lundziak Józefa (Poland), Lundziak Franciska (Germany).
  • 2017: Continue research Lundziak Daniel. No significant results found.
  • 2018: Found Lundziak Jan and Helena in Opole – 2 kind of search results. Proof of connection.

One more to research:

  • Lundžak =? Lundschak =? Lundjak =? Лунджак(Люнджак)

3 thoughts on “Another Polish version of Lundiak

  1. Me To Alex:

    YES, U ARE SURE – I am from Galicia (Stanislawow – Ivano-Frankovsk)
    region – and I have almost sure, that this Jakab is one of my existed
    Record in my Genealogy tree:
    (not already finished online, but offline I have done huge work).

    Alex to me:

    Oh, I see, you are from place known in Polish history as “Miasto Rewery” in
    honor of Stanislaw Rewera Potocki, who establish there fortress on Bystrzyca

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