Lund aka Lunni aka Puffin aka тУпик ака Птица

Lingvo was the begining:

I thought (misunderstood) that translation is only about “dead end” word – тупік (тупик) – end of road, where cars can not be forwarded.
Then, with help of Google groups (soc.culture.baltics, soc.culture.nordic, soc.culture.europe, soc.culture.german, soc.culture.scottish) I have discovered something new for me. I found this translation, and read more attentively:


m -(e)s, -e зоол.
тупик (Fratercula arctica L.)
II n -s
(город) Лунд

Wiki about “Fratercula arctica”:
Russian: Атлантический ту́пик[1] — птица семейства чистиковых.
English:The Atlantic Puffin is a seabird species in the auk family

Islandic: Lundi er fugl af svartfuglaætt, og af ættkvísl lunda.
Danish (Danske): Lunden – også kjent som sjøpapegøye eller lundefugl, høyrer til alkefuglane
Norsk (Norwegian): Lundefugl – Lunden – også kjent som sjøpapegøye eller lundefugl, hører til alkefuglene.
Swedish: Lunnefågel (Fratercula arctica) är en fågel som tillhör familjen alkor.
Suomi(Finnish): Lunni (Fratercula arctica) on ruokkilintu, jolla on värikäs nokka.
Eesti (Estonian): Lunn ehk põhjalunn (Fratercula arctica) on merelind lunni perekonnast alklaste sugukonnast.

Magyar: lunda (Fratercula arctica) a madarak (Aves) osztályának a lilealakúak (Charadriiformes) rendjéhez, ezen belül az alkafélék (Alcidae) családjához tartozó faj.

Deutsch: Der Papageitaucher (Fratercula arctica) ist eine Vogelart aus der Familie der Alkenvögel (Alcidae).
Netherland (Datch, Holland): De papegaaiduiker (Fratercula arctica) is een opvallende vogel uit de familie van alken (Alcidae).

Lithuanian: Mormonas, arba kirviasnapis – alkinių (Alcidae) šeimos paukštis.
Polish: Maskonur  – średni ptak wodny z rodziny alk
French: Le Macareux moine, également dit « perroquet de mer » est une espèce d’oiseau marin pélagique nord-atlantique qui vit en haute mer, sauf lors de sa reproduction qui le contraint à rejoindre terre ferme où il niche sur les pentes enherbées, les îles ou sur des falaises
Czech: Papuchalk bělobradý (Fratercula arctica), známý též pod názvy papuchalk ploskozobý nebo severní, je malý mořský pták z čeledi alkovitých.







Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica)
Horned Puffin (Fratercula corniculata)
Tufted Puffin (Fratercula cirrhata)

Species details (from Wiki):

Species in taxonomic sequence
Common and binomial names Image Description Range
Atlantic Puffin
(Fratercula arctica)

Puffin Latrabjarg Iceland.jpg

32 cm (12.5 in) in length, with a 53 cm (21 in) wingspan, weight 380 g (13 oz).[11] North Atlantic: coasts of northern Europe south to northernFrance, the British Isles, the Faroe IslandsIcelandGreenlandand Atlantic Canada then south to Maine. Winters south toMorocco and New York[12]
Horned Puffin
(Fratercula corniculata)

Fratercula corniculataUSFWSSL0002774.jpg

38 cm (15 in) in length, with a 58 cm (23 in) wingspan, weight 620 g (1.4 lb).[11] North Pacific: coasts of SiberiaAlaska and British Columbia, wintering south to California and Baja California[13]
Tufted Puffin
(Fratercula cirrhata)


38 cm (15 in) in length, with a 63.5 cm (25 in) wingspan, weight 780 g (1.7 lb).[11] North Pacific: British Columbia, throughout southeastern Alaska and the Aleutian IslandsKamchatka, the Kuril Islands and throughout the Sea of Okhotsk. Winters south to Honshū and California[3]
Der Papageitaucher (Fratercula arctica) –  ist eine Vogelart aus der Familie der Alkenvögel (Alcidae)
Der Hornlund (Fratercula corniculata) – ist eine Art aus der Familie der Alkenvögel.
Der Gelbschopflund (Fratercula cirrhata) – ist ein mittelgroßer Vogel aus der Familie der Alkenvögel
Gattung: Lunde (Fratercula)

lunda (Fratercula arctica)
szarvas lunda (Fratercula corniculata)
kontyos lunda (Fratercula cirrhata)

Lunnefågel (Fratercula arctica)
Hornlunne (Fratercula corniculata)
Tofslunne (Fratercula cirrhata)

Esti(Estonian) – Lunn_(perekond)
Fratercula arctica — lunn ehk põhjalunn
Fratercula corniculata — idalunn
Fratercula cirrhata, ka Lunda cirrhata — tupslunn


Suku: Lunnit –  тУпіки  (Fratercula)

So, here is Summary:
Fratercula arctica (LATIN, IT) =
Atlantic Puffin (EN) =  Atlanticheskiy tupik (RU-translit) =
Lunda(Magyar) =
Lund(Germany) =  Lundy & Lunden(Norse) = Lunde(Danske) = Lundi (Icelandic)

Lunn (estonian) = Lunni (Finish) = Lunne (Swedish) =
Papageitaucher (Germany) = Papegaaiduiker (Netherland) =
Macareux (French) = Mormonas (Lithuanian) = Maskonur (Polish)
Papuchalk bělobradý (CZ)  …….

In some languages, root of my surname – “LUND” meant many different things, but this bird is MAIN MEANING in Nordic, germanic, Icelandic countries (Germany, Danemark, Norway, Sweden)

If any new ideas will be provided here as comments  – I will be very appreciated.

PS. This is second bird in my life, I have related to my Surname.
First was – Лунь степовий (UA)

Looking forward to get more info about this all stuff.


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