H-UNDIAK vs. L-UNDIAK [possible transformation]

Step by step I am going deep in my research. And recently I’ve decided to start research similar forms of surname related with my.
For the current moment I have 2 :

  • Гундяк/Ґундяк (Hundiak/Gundiak) – family from Tatariv (I think some other we have on West of Ukraine).
  • Лундяк (Lundiak) – my surname.

I hope to find some relation in etymology of surname, and possible historical changes from original form. Not sure if I find some rational result, but I want to try …


Pete Hundiak 2010, November 30 at 3:30am

My Father Stefan Hundiak was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine in Oct. 15 1922. We still have family there.
My Cousin, the Daughter of my Father’s Sister is Yevdokiya Kalinina her address is v.Tatariv Yaremcha, Ivano-Frankivska obl., Ukraine f8596. There are more relatives over there, if you contact her she would give you more information. My parents came to the USA via Germany after World War II.


Steffani Hundiak (pah15207 AT comcast.net) 2010, November 30 at 4:53am

I wish I could provide you with more information than I have. All I know is that the origin is Ukranian. My dad is 100% Ukranian. Though born in America, his mother travelled here while pregnant with him. My dad’s dad I know little about, he passed away long before I got a chance to meet him. Perhaps, if you ask some questions pertaining to what it is that you would specifically like to know, I could ask my dad for answers.


Cristopher Hundiak (cdbhundiak AT aol.com). 2011:

i think ukriane related to david and john thomas and (ruth eliane= died in 1999 from renal failure and other complactions  christopher d hundiak honolulu, hawaii 1979 david was either 1949 or 1951 jan something but his dad mike and Phyllis arent around


John Hundiak (jhundiak AT gmail.com)
In fact I added him on LinkedIn, and sent email in 2010 user, but he hasn’t answered me. I think it’s the same John I contacted time ago.


Chris Goshey (cjgoshey AT gmail.com), Jun-29-2015

I noticed on your genealogical blog that about 5 years ago you were looking into how Lundiak evolved into Hundiak or vice versa?  As happens we have some distant cousins named Hundiak ( do you still have their contact information dad?)  From what I remember ( this was 13 years ago that I remember hearing from them) they were related through my great-grandmother (she was the fellow who contacted us’ great aunt)  Going by this my great-great-grandmother’s maiden name was probably Hundiak (her first name was listed as Nastia in the one document we have of her, so I think she was named Anastasia).  So it could be we are related that way.


Robert A. Goshey (goshman5 AT aol.com). 2015-Aug-18.

I just received an email from another of my Ancestry.com DNA matches, John Hundiak.  His family did live around Mt. Union, PA.  This is where my uncle Mike was born, so I am fairly certain his family and mine are related, I’m sure they helped each other emigrate to the US.  He is also the person who I think contacted me a few years ago looking for family information (I think I did mention this to you). Of course, his surname is Hundiak, which is similar to your own.  He also provided the surnames of some of his other family. These are:  Hryhorczak, Shurbick and Szuszerebe.


So there are a few cases I may guess:
  • 1% Even if we related with Hundiak somehow, time ago our common ancestor might have changed surname. It might be Jewish person, because they had to change surnames to avoid troubles. So bearer of Lundiak/Hundiak changed to Hundiak/Lundiak. No proof at all, just guess.
  • 2% If person had bad pronunciation, and would be Polish/Jewish person, so my surname in Polish ŁUNDIAK/ŁUNDZIAK is pronounced as Wundiak/Wundziak, so I would expect to have some relations with such people (Wundiak/Wundziak).
  • 3% In some languages H letter at the beginning is written but not pronounced. So I would not be surprised, if John or other Hundiak’s have some relations with people of surname Undiak.




  1. To get more information which root of this surname families (UA or other country).
  2. Was there some transform from Lundiak to Hundiak or Gundiak or in other way ???
  3. To find other -UNDIAK surname  (Kundiak, Mundiak, Dundiak) and what the common base is for them?

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