R1a vs. I2a [Y-DNA]

In 2014 year I ordered my first Y-DNA using FamilyTree DNA. I-P37 (I2a1) – this is the name haplogroup, which defines my Y-DNA tribe ~10000 years ago. I-P37 is a child branch of І2 aka M438. And this is tribe with the name Dinaric, Balkans group, South Eastern European people. My first Y-DNA test was based on 37 STR base. Details here. But more details in my another post “I2a1b2a1 aka I-CTS10228“.

My goal #1 is achieved – I know what main tribe I belong to. But this is time line ~20000 – ~10000 years ago. It’s very ancient tribes and very ancient DNA. And before go deeper and to closer years, I do research and follow genetic information about what is exactly I haplogroups and how it’s related with other DNA haplogroups.

But before my Y-DNA tests arrived, I expected to be R1a, but it turned out I’m I2a1 (aka I-P37.2).
So all these thoughts bring me here, to this post – I want to describe, research and classify for myself all about I haplogroup and also R haplogroup – the main in regards to Ukrainian as nationality.

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Лейба vs. Laibach

Ви можливо чули таку фразу в народі “Ой ти ще, лейба …” (є ще форма “Ой ти ще лайдак  …”), “Але й ти лейба”, “Йди ко лейбо звідси” ну або пару подібних.

А тепер уважно – Ви знаєте значення цього слова?
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Lundiaks: Lost-n-Found [Molotkow, Markowa, Nowica, Kosice]

Based on my past finding, regarding Lundiak Jacab-Teodor in Kosice (Slovakia), I came across Internet again, and discovered a few findings about my Lundiak’s ancestors who went to First World War and did not come back.
I found Kramerius.nkp.cz web site, which gave me great results of LUNDIAK findings.
And this is awesome 🙂


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