Lundiaks: Lost-n-Found [Molotkow, Markowa, Nowica, Kosice]

Based on my past finding, regarding Lundiak Jacab-Teodor in Kosice (Slovakia), I came across Internet again, and discovered a few findings about my Lundiak’s ancestors who went to First World War and did not come back.
I found web site, which gave me great results of LUNDIAK findings.
And this is awesome 🙂


Search criteria (normal direction):

  1. Lundiak.
  2. Łundiak, Łuńdiak, Luńdiak, Lundiák (yes these special chars are very helpful).
  3. Molotkow.
  4. Molodkow.
  5. Markova.
  6. Nowica (Kaluscz, Stanislaw district).

Search criteria (mispronounce, wrong writing, mistakes, etc):

  1. Lundlak (yes, instead of small “i” they wrote small L – “l”).
  2. Motlokow (yes, simple chars replacement).
  3. Modlokow.

Regarding military activity in which below boys were involved.

Most likely, that in Molotkow was №58 Infantry Regiment and in Novica it was Infantry Regiment №9. And all local young boys had to go to military service in scope Austria army. These Galician as austrian soldiers were taken later to Russland as war prisoners and transferred to different cities in Russlndу (Lgow, Kara Kala, Ustjkamenogorsk, etc). In mentioned cities they were treated by medical help in hospitals or died or buried.

Lundiak Fedor Jakob

[Molotkow, Markowa, Kosice] #474 [1915]

1876, krank, 7/10 1914 gestorben im GarnSpit (GarnisonSpital – лікарня в гарнізоні), Nr.20 in Kassa, beerdigt am dortigen Zentralfriedhof, Gruppe 14.

Based on German translation I understand, that:
He was unhealthy (krank) and died (gestorben) in GranSpit #20 (Гарнізонний Шпиталь №20) in Kassa (Kosice) and he was buried (beerdigt) in the same town’s (am dortigen) central cemetery (Zentralfriedhof), in group 14 (Gruppe 14).

I’m 100% sure now, that Lundiak Jakub-Theodor in Kosice is the same person as this Lundiak Fedor Jakub. And yes – based on Birth records, it’s Lundiak Jacobus (volatur Theodurs) from #20 building since 16-Oct-1876. Hooray 🙂 This is the man whom ancestors are located now in Markova (nearby Ivano-Frankivsk and Molotkow) and in Ivano-Frankivsk (former Stanislaw).

I have local story, that Jurko (Georgius) and his brother Fedir (Teodor) came to IWW and did not came back. And then their mother built a little church near by their house. It’s true story. But there were 2 brothers Theodor, and it’s complicated story.

Lundiak Onufry

[Molotkow] #160 [1915] + #406 [1916]


ResKomp (рота запасу) Horn. (сурмач), IR. Nr. 58. 7 Komp. Galizien, Molotkow, Bohorodczany, 1886, kriegsgef (полонений) (Lgow Gouvernement Kursk, Russland)

This is well known the only one Onofrius (Onophrius) from Molotkow born in 25-Jun-1886 at the building #124 and in scope the same family as Lundiak Fedor/Jakob. They were brothers. And Onophrius has second name Sofron (Sophron). Yes…. It’s true story from my research – whole family had troubles with given names for boys. Church had some argue with father of these boys (Joaness Lundiak ~1876 ).

Lundiak Jurko

[Molotkow] #236 [1915] + #303 [1915]


Lundiak Jurko, Molodkow .. the same.

After I tried another combination: “LUNDLACK” (mistake), I receive this (#236 number):


Lundlak Jurko, ErsRes., IR. Nr. 58, 2. Bruckenschutzkomp., Galizien, Bohorodczany, Motolkow, 1887, kriegsgef. (Russland)

As you see, not only one mistake. MOTLOKOW written instead of MOLOTKOW.
So, this is 99.9% Lundiak Georgius – #88/#136, 6-apr-1887 son of Michael Lundiak (son of Eustachius).
Василь і Юрко були піхотинцями в різних полках і ротах. Вони були полоненні. Але не зрозуміло хто взяв їх – німці чи росіяни?

Lundiak Basil

[Nowica] #236 [1915]

From image above, listed together with Jurko from Molotkow.

Lundiak Basil, ResInit., IR. Nr. 9, 5 Komp., Galizien, Kalusz, Nowica, 1888, kriegsgef. ) Ustjkamenogorsk, Russland.)

Due to this Kramerius record (18-10-1915) this Basil is not listed in list of “kranken” or “gestorben” or “gefallen” or “berdigt”.

It’s Lundiak Basilius from Nowica who born in #69 house, in Feb-23-1888 by Lundiak Timotheus as father and Catharina mother.

I assume he returned back to Novica. Because in Novica there are children ~ from 1920 years and their father is Василь ~ the same year of birth as this Basil. From Nowica’s descendant’s stories (by Eudonia and Theodosia) this Wasyl described in Kramerius is 99% Lundiak Vasyl from Nowica who was the father for Vasilij Lundiak 1922.

Lundiak Gregor

[Nowica] #458 [1916]


Lundiak Gregor, ResOberfahrkan. (driver of artillery train – Обер-канонір, гарматчик в резерві), k.k LFHR. Nr 45 (LandwehrFeldHaubitzRegiment – полк наземних гаубиць), KanBatt. 2 (гарматна батарея 2), Galizien, Kalusz, Nowica, 1885; kriegsgef. Kara Kala, Gebiet Transkaspien, Russland – Кара-Кала, область Транскаспійський, Росія, Туркменістан тепер.

Gregor (Gregorius, Hryn’, Гринь, Гріша) was brother of Lundiak Basil, described above.
Gregor born 04-Mar-1885 in Novica. He was born by second wife of Timotheus Lundiak (~1839) in #69 building.

Lundiak Wasyl

[Nowica], 1917


LstInfst. IR. Nr. 9. 5 Komp, Galizien, Kalusz, Nowica. 1898: gefallen (Death) 28/08 1917.
Піхотинець піхотного полку Landsturm (Lst). Загинув (gefallen)

In birth records of Nowica it’s Basilius who born in 6-May-1898 in #551 building, and his father was Nicolaus Lundiak and his 1st wife Eudokia. Nicolaus is stepbrother of Gregor and Basil (both described above).

Short Summary:

  • Lundiak Wasyl [Novica], 1888 and Lundiak Gregor [Novica], 1885 – Brothers. Both of them returned back to home, to Novica. And had new wife and children. Gregor Died in Novica (Nov 9 1936).
  • Lundiak Basil [Novica], 1895 – is the son of Nicolaus Lundiak who was stepbrother to Wasyl and Gregor. There is no information that he returned back to Novica.
  • Lundiak Jacab/Teodor [Molodkiw], 1876 and  Lundiak Onufry [Molodkiw], 1886 are brothers, and they are sons of Joannes (f. Eustachius). There is no exact data in Kosice that Jacab was burried (kremated). All data very old and lost. There is no information that Onufry returned back or died. Everything is lost.
  • Lundiak Jurko [Molodkiw], 1887 is the 2nd brother (cousin, перві брати) of Jacab and Onufry and he is the son of Michael (f. Eustachius)

Descendants from this “Lundiak-Novica branch: Timotheous – Nicolaus – Theodorus – Josef” are located now in Broumov [Czech. rep.].  And I really glad I know that family a bit, because this knowledge gave me lot’s of ideas in my  research.

So now I will research Czech archives and cemeteries, just to be sure I may go there and take a few shots and get more details about my ancestors.

PS1. Abbreviations/Абревіатури:

  • Inft aka Infanterist – піхотинець.
  • Inf. aka Infanterie – піхота.
  • ResInft aka Reserve (Infanterist) – піхотинець в резерві.
  • ErsRes aka Ersatzreservist) – резервіст в заміні?
  • Korp. aka Korporal – капрал.
  • IR. aka Infanterieregiment – “піхотного полку”.
  • Komp. aka Kompagni – рота.
  • verw. aka verwundet – поранений.
  • kriegsgef. aka kriegsgefangen – захоплені, полонені.
  • k. u. Lst – k. u. Landstrum. – спец військо Ландштурм.
  • Horn. aka Hornist – той хто грає на горні, Сурмач.
  • GarnSpit aka GarnisonSpital – лікарня (шпиталь) в гарнізоні.
  • ResSpit aka Reservespital – резервний шпиталь (лікарня)

PS2 – Війська та поховання.

  • Хлопці з Молотькови (Jurko, Onufry) пішли в піхотний роту 58 (IR aka InfanterieRegiment)
  • Хлопці з Новиці (Basil, Wasyl) всі пішли в піхотний роту 9 (IR aka InfanterieRegiment)
  • Gregor з Новиці попав в гармантну роту 45 (k.k LFHR. aka LandwehrFeldHaubitzRegiment).
  • Fedor Jacob не відомо в яких військах слуєив, але хворів він в гарнізонному шпиталі в Кошице, і в Кошице помер і був похований.
  • Льгов в Курській області, і там є колонія. І десь можливо там поховані Онуфрій і Юрко з Молотькови.
  • Кара-Кала в Туркменістані, і десь там похований Григорій з Новиці. Дати смерті нема.
  • Устькаменогорськ, місце де Василь 1888го з Новиці був полонений.
  • Василь 1898-го з Новиці помер, не вказано де, але десь в Чехії (Чехословаччині), можливо у Вені.

PS3 – Написання та вимова прізвища.

And this finding tells me that:

My relatives Лундяк-s (from Molotkow, Markowa)  had the same surname as Люндяк-s from Novica and Ivano-Frankivsk – LUNDIAK. Nowadays, Люндяк will be transliterated in Passport as Liundiak or Lyundyak. It’s only proves, that old variant of surname was the same.


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