A few new items for me regarding surname LUNDIAK and similar surname in Poland LUNDZIAK. Roots, history, dictionary research, outcome, new ideas, plans.


Time ago [Nov-17-2010], I posted an article regarding my findings in scope of Google genealogical groups. So that was I think the first time I get more information about “Swedish city Lund roots” theory. 🙂

Note:  Hungarians/Magyars when using word lundiak mean the citizen of Lund – a city in SE Sweden, northeast of Malmö: founded in about 1020 by the Danish King Canute; the archbishopric for all Scandinavia in the Middle Ages.

Result of Google group discussion – my finding of new form – LUNDZIAK and 2 ways of the way how my ancestors might appeared.

Alex Sharon: To my best knowledge only town by name Lund is located in southern Sweden.
Lund has no known to me meaning in Polish
Lundiak (or probably Polish Lundziak) are appears to be originated from the
Bukovina or Stanislawow region of ex Austro-Hingarian Crown Land known as

I asked to verify if such surnames exist in Poland, and Alex answered me:

Andrii Lundiak: So your variant is new for me…. Can you verify that polish Lundziak
is existed and used surname ??
Alex Sharman: No, I cannot, it is just a intelligent assumption. Lundiak could means something in local Rusin (Hutsul, Lemko) of Transcarpathian (CarpathianRuthenia) dialects

Which is quite right. I would say – all genealogy is built and based in most cases on guessing and then on facts. It’s true story, because I researched vital/birth records and after that I found many other details, but with help of analytic, guessing and my father 🙂

And recently (Sep-21-2014), I have contacted one of FTDNA members, who has YDNA-37 markers almost the same as my. And surprisingly for me Milosz provided me interesting information.

Milosz Herman: … the etymology od LUNDZIAK surname which is polish variant of LUNDIAK. the LUNDZIAK surname has GERMAN origin according to prof. Rymut a renowned polish authority in linguistics. LUNDZIAK takes its origins from german word Lünde (Luende) which stands for WAVE.
And this awesome. Now I realize that my guess regarding origins of surname LUNDIAK is something related to Swedish city LUND, maybe to German people, maybe to Austrian emigrants in the past years 1600-1800.
Milisoz Herman shared interesting resource with me: Etimilogia nazwisk. Here is quote from there:
Lundziak – od niemieckiej nazwy osobowej Lund, ta ze średnio-wysoko-niemieckiego lünde, lunde ‘fala’.
Unfortunately I haven’t found translation of [ lünde, lunde, luende ] from German to Polish to be equal as [ fala, wave, хвиля ] in official languages: translate by Google, translate by En.Bab.La, translate by Revers dictionary, translate by Lingvo.ru, translate by Dictionary.reference.com.
The only one German-English translation found: “lund is is translation of bird puffin”. I wrote about this in my past post in the blog here.

As prof. Rymut mentioned it’s matter of years/ages and old history of German language. So now I’m going to dive into this 🙂

Middle High German – An ancestor of the modern German language, and was spoken from 1050 to about 1500. Some linguists prefer to use 1350 as the end of the Middle High German period, calling the period from 1350 to 1750 Early New High German.

And I did it – found dictionary “Mittelhochdeutsches Handwörterbuch von Matthias Lexer” (http://woerterbuchnetz.de) and translated:

lünde , lunde stswf. (BMZ I. 1051a) s. v. a.Lexer ünde, welle Orend. Dfg. 240c. 626c. in meris unden, in jâmers bach, in grôʒen lunden Hugo v. M. 50a. wirf mir ab mîn grôʒe lünde (: sünde) ib. lunde od. erhebung des wassers vom winde, bulla, procella Voc. 1482.

lündisch, adj. – “aus London stammend” – people origination of London :).

So now MAIN question

– On what baseline (real proof of relation) prof. Rymut was standing to make decision that surname LUNDZIAK is inherited from word “lünde” ??? Here I need to talk with him, or maybe dive into Polish history and language more.

Task 1: I have to find:

  1. Kazimierz Rymut, “Nazwiska Polaków. Słownik historyczno – etymologiczny”, Instytut Języka Polskiego PAN, Kraków 1999
  2. Kazimierz Rymut, ‘Nazwiska Polaków. Słownik historyczno – etymologiczny, Wydawnictwo Naukowe DWN, Kraków 2001


Based on recent Polish language interest I decided to update my info/theories regarding polish variants:

  1. Łundiak – Лундяк (sounds like “вундяк” aka wundiak) .
  2. Łuńdiak – Луньдяк (sounds like “вуньдяк” aka wun’diak).
  3. Lundiak – Люндяк (sounds like liundiak).
  4. Luńdiak – Люньдяк (sounds like liun’diak).
  5. Lundziak – Лундзяк (sounds lundziak).
  6. Łuńdziak – Луньдзяк (вуньдзяк).
  7. Łundziak – Лундзяк (вундзяк).
  8. Lúndiak – ??? Is it polish? Need to research alphabet.

Task 2: Nevertheless, I found Lundziak as one of polish surnames here. So now I may try to find a few bearers of this surname over the Internet.


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