Surnames and Locations

Step by step, I have lot of information about places, where LUNDIAK-s were born, grew up, evolved, migrated, worked, returned, temporary settled, buried. Based on yDNA/atDNA/mtDNA matches from GEDMATCH and FTDNA I have many inputs now. So, in this post I want to define some “correlation” between locations and surnames. Below list will be updated, as soon as I find some new location, which potential can be related to my ancestors.



  • “/” between locations or surnames defines variations, other way to say/read/refer to.
  • location in parenthesis “(” and “)”, defines former name.
  • When you mouse hover on some location or surname, in a few millisecond, you will see title/tooltip, which defines UA/RU version of term.
  • Terms in bold are primary for me, due to 100% fact that my relatives or people with the same surname living there.
  • People in brackets “[” and “]” are somehow related to those locations.
  • By clicking on map URL, you will be redirected to Google Maps, with ability to show more detailed, that specific list of locations.

Below I provided split by language (left is Latin/English/Polish, right is Cyrillic/Ukrainian).



(meaning, that genetically by direct line, I had people with such surnames)

Main Paternal line:

  • Lundiak, Łundiak, Łundziak, Lundyak, Łundyak (Люндяк/Лундяк), TMRCA ~1780.
    • variant: Lundak/Łundak/Lundák (Люндак, Лундак), potential relations on ~1700 years-level.
    • variant: Lunda/Łunda (Люнда/Лунда), potential relations on ~1700 years-level.

Main Maternal line:

  • Babij/Babiy/Babijczuk/Babeyczuk (Бабій/Бабійчук/Бабейчук). TMRCA ~1750.

Female DNA injection from Paternal line:

  • Jurczylo/Jurchilo (Юрчило), Relations on ~1927 years-level (uxor Basili L.).
  • Basiuga/Basiuha (Басюґа/Басюга), Relations on ~1925 years-level (uxor Nicolai L.).
  • Mykytiuk/Mykietiuk, Mykytyn/Mykityn. Relations started ~1880 years-level (uxor Pauli L.). With probability 5% there was relation even earlier ~1800 (not yet proven – alternative version to “Szewczuk”)
  • Kysliak/Kislak (Кисляк, Кізляк). Relations started ~1847 (uxor  Eustachi L.).
  • Szewczuk/Шевчук. With probability 95%, relations started ~1820 years-level (uxor Joanni L.).

Female DNA injection from Maternal line:

  • Stefurak/Sztefurak (Стефурак, Штефурак). Relations started 1927 (uxor Stephani B.).
  • Tymkiw (Тимків). Relations started 1901 (uxor Onuphri B.).
  • Kislak. Relations started ~1868 (uxor Basili B.). Yes, it’s the same Kislak ancestry but different branch from village.
  • Czyzowski/Czyżowski/Czyżewski (Чижовскі/Чижевскі). Relations started ~1839 (uxor Damiani B.).

Not Direct

Other, far related or undefined but with some information:

From paternal ancestry:

  • Narozniak/Narożniak (Нарозняк/Нарожняк)
  • Polowko.
  • Bilczak, Mriczko.

From maternal ancestry:

  • Shybisty/Szybisty (Шибістий, Шибіста).
  • Andrusiak (Андрусяк)
  • Griczko/Greczka

2018 UPD: I created a small tool – interactive sunburst chart. But it’s very staging version., I will work on beautifying it… Meanwhile snapshot for Jan-14-2018. In the middle me (Andrii Lundiak, b. 1982) and at the edge of circle are people around ~1800/1820 year of birth.


This sun chart shows, cross/dependent/at-some-degree-emdogamy ancestries:

  • Kislak ancestry is received from 3 directions: paternal via grand-father, paternal via grand-mother and maternal ancestors.
  • Mykietiuk ancestry is received from 3 directions: my father paternal grand-father and grand-mother ancestors and also father’s maternal gran-mother.
  • Basiuga ancestry is received from 2 directions: my father paternal and maternal grand-mothers.

This all is about kinda prove, why I have ~2% of Aszkenazi DNA, because I expect those from ancestors should have been from Aszkenazi ~1700 years..



Galicia [Ukraine] ( map )

This list is well defined, proved with vital/birth/death records from archives:

  • Molodkiv/Molodkow (Mołotków/Molotkowa), Babche/Babcze, Bytkow/Bitkow, Pniow.
  • MarkowaStarunia, Solotwina (Krasnopol), Manastyrczany, Lysiec (Moczar), Dragomyrczany, Bogorodczany.
  • Hwozd, Nadworna, Pererisl’/Przerosl, Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanisławów).
  • Nowitsa/Novica, Kalusz/Kalusz,  Landestreu, Dobrowlany.

This is list of locations, which are under questions. Because I don’t have officially any evidence of my relative came from there. But I have some DNA shared with people from these locations.

  • Hostiv (Tlumuch region, Ivano-Frankivsk district)
  • Ternopol district: Lanivtsi (and Kozaczczyna), Capowce aka Capowcy, Caponcy. It’s former name of pace in Galicia/Ukraine – village “Цапівці“, and now it’s Podillya (Поділля), Zaliszchyky/Zaleszczyk district, Hlibów/Hlibiv. map.

This Lwow’s area are locations where in 1845-1855 was Eduard Lunda and his Family.

  • Siedliska/Siedlisko [Lunda Eduard and children],
  • Wolkow/Wowkiw, Tolshchow/Tolszczow.

Galicia [Poland] ( map )

  • Opole [100% Lundziak/Lundiak Jan from Stanislawow]
  • ? Budzow,
  • Zakopane,
  • Wojtowa Wieś,
  • ? Nowa Wieś;
  • Хубовка (потенційно звідки Ян Люндяк, бо був записаний як поляк)
  • ? Chabówka [50% Lundziak Jan]

Under question:

Another set of locations, which could give me very far relatives, like 7-8th generation deep, or more.

[Czechoslovakia] Czech Republic map

Lundiak’s from Novitsa/Novica migrated in World War I to Chech Rep., so they started new branch, currently existing.

  • Hradec Kralowe aka Königgrätz aka Sadowa.
  • Libčany/Libczany
  • Police (and Metuji)
  • Broumov

[Czechoslovakia] Slowakia

  • Koszice, Kassa, Kashau [Lundiak Jakab Fedor, Mołodków, beerdigt in Kassa am dortigen Zentralfriedhof, Gruppe 14]
  • Hubowa, Hubowka, Habovka (very close to Polish border and polish village Chabówka) [50% Lundziak Jan]


  • Barysau, Loshnica, Tambow, Omsk [Łundziak Daniel way]
  • Ust-Kamenogorsk, Ustjkamenogorsk (Усть-Каменогорск) [Lundiak Basil, Novica, kriegsgef.]
  • Льгов (Lgow), Kursk [Lundiak Jurko and Onufry, Mołodków, kriegsgef.]
  • Kara Kala (Garrygala) Gebiet, Transkaspien, Russland [Lundiak Gregor kriegsgef. but returned to Novica]
  • Chita [Lundiak Jan]



  • NJ/New Jersey:Bayonne, Jersey City,
  • PE/Pennsylvania: Kunkletown,
  • Warren.
  • NJ: Newark ?

LUND-like surnames locations.

So if you have information, you related with some people with such surnames (or similar in pronunciation), PLEASE let me know.


And yes, my relatives, all ancestress till ~1780 years were Greek-Catholics. It’s important sign, to distinguish and trace any upcoming relations.

  • Birth records I have are all about belonging to Greek-Catholics. Years: ~1800 / ~1900.
  • Only 1 person, who was mentioned in Roman-Catholics birth records, because of her relations with other Roman-Catholics, are most likely was Greek-Catholics also. It was ~1815 year. Levantine (левантийці, латиняни).
  • Based on my recent research of atDNA, looks like someone from my 16  “great great grandparents” were Ashkenazi Jews or converted Jews to Catholic or even worse – people who did not know he/she had Jewish DNA. So anyway, some people in my linage in years ~1750-1850 might have been religious Jewish or converted (ru. “выхресты”). It’s 100% NOT direct paternal line, but someone in ancestry.
  • I don’t have official records earlier than 1800, but I guess that many ancestors who were giving birth of children and made Greek-Catholics baptize, were also Greek-Catholics, or at lease Christianized in this confession somehow. So estimated years of such people ~1750 / ~1799.
  • There is open question for me regarding 1785 year. Because in my village (Molodkiv). People who were living in my and villages around could have been visiting well known at those times “Maniava monastery“, which was erected in 1606 year and was Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate. But in 1785 yer, Austria empire rejected it and closed skete.
  • Before 1424 (before my village started evolving), most likely, that people who were living around belonged to Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, due to being in scope of “Metropoly of Halych” (established in 1303, dissolved in 1401, and finally merged with Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate in 1458).

UPD: I have to extend this info, but “Unijna Tserkva (Унійна Церква Київської Митрополії)” which is bridge between Roman-Catholic and Orthodox, and later it evolves as Greek-Catholic. I am not sure now, which religion was baseline for my people during 1700-1800.



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