My expenses [genealogy, genetics]

People ask me “how much does it cost to do genealogy research?” or “how much money you spent on your archives visits?” or “how expensive is the DNA test?”. So I collected a few items in this article, which will be ongoing, and I will update it as soon as I spend money on new stuff again 🙂


DNA/Genetics expenses

  • 215$ – First order, shipping kit to Ukraine; mtDNA Plus test and Y-DNA37 test.
  • 39$ – S17250 SNP
  • 39$ – Y3118 SNP
  • 79$ – Y-DNA-67 for more precisely results. There is Y-DNA111, but no need.
  • 39$ – CTS10228 SNP
  • 69$ – Family Finder (another test based on atDNA)
  • 30$ Prosapia test in early 2015. (not very good, I would say a bit not relevant)
  • 5$ Promethease test (2015) – great test, atDNA based, lot of information related to SNPedia.
  • 78$ – Y4460, Z17855 (2 more SNPs)
  • 39$ – S8201 SNP (Oct-2015 ordered, Dec-07-2015 completed)
  • 78.95$ – Family Finder atDNA test (Dec-2015. But in fact price was $88.95, I used FTDNA group discount for $10).
  • 169$- mtFull for female kit. Feb-2016.
  • 7$ Promethease test for another kit (Feb-2016).
  • 82$ FamilyFidner test for father.
  • 22.50$ ordered A6105 via YSEQ (Sep-21-2016 ordered, Oct-17-2016 received results).
  • 5$ – Promethease report for father’s DNA.
  • 77$ – Oct-22-2016 ordered YSEQ I2a-M423 Panel. Results: A6106-.
  • 17.5$ – May-2017, YSEQ YDNA test to verify SK1241 (result C-).

Total: 1103.3$ (May-2017).


Mostly related to genealogy, images search, relatives search:

  • I paid 165$ yearly (2014-2015) for MyHeritage website support (PremiumPlus account), where I manage my trees.
  • Before 2016 I paid 99$ for per year to have ability search records in dedicated areas. But then un-subscribed that plan.
  • 2016 annual subscription: MyHeritage MyHeritage Family Site Extensio1 – 29.07$
  • 2016 annual subscription: MyHeritage SuperSearch Historical Records 1 – 29.07$
  • 12.70$ (49zl) – one year payment for  (Sep-21-2016)
  • 80$ – Nov-2016 accident payment for Premium account. More about genealogy, images search, etc. But luckily it was redeemed.

Archives visits

  • Ivano-Frankivsk 40 uah (2011)
  • Lviv ~40 uah (2015)
  • Krakow Baziaka 200zl (2015)
  • Przemyszl – just transport

And this is not including transport expenses. I do not include it, because it’s either very small or I treat this also as a touristic trip/travel.

Looks not cheap hobby 🙂


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