New SNP under Y4460 [yDNA]

This is my latest article for 2018, and I plan to update it at least during 2018, but for sure till next SNP discovered. Meanwhile, before you go next, here are previous articles in this topic:

New SNP – new article. It’s about new branches under Y4460, which appeared in FTDNA system, and later a bit in YFULL.

But it’s not finish 🙂

Now, let’s dive into details.

So the story started Sep-21-2018, when I received news from FTDNA i2a Haplogroup page admin:

“We received Daujotas’ Big Y-500 results. He is your Big Y match, you share at least 5 variants/SNPs, new haplogroup below I-Y4460 is identified. I call your haplogroup I-Y128456, maybe FTDNA and YFull choose another SNP to represent your haplogroup. You are now in a separate section in the I-P37 haplogroup project.”
“You and Daujotas have quite different haplotypes. You are not close STR matches and you do not share any STR match. Despite you share five variants, both of you still have many private variants. That means your lines split many years ago.”

It was great news, because I’ve been assigned to Y4460* long time, which meant, that no one else has similar DNA as my, to be separated into dedicated branch. But this time, Lithuanian DNA helped FTDNA and myself to realize, that I have news 🙂

Then, Sep-22-2018 Bernie Cullen published on i2aproject blog:

“This update shows a major new branch called I-Y128456, the two known members are from Lithuania and Ukraine.”

Oct-02-2018, Bernie Cullen provided detailed report about recent BigY results:

Me and another Lithuanian, we have similar SNPs in our yDNA, and shortly speaking, for me it does mean, that my paternal ancestry might have been derived somehow from Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. But I need to verify this theory, and I will need deeper SNPs test later.

Anyhow, here is the latest Y4460 Draft tree (Sep-22-2018):

Note: Red colored group, based on info from Zdenko Markovic are shared variants between me and that Lithuanian account:

Which means I’m positive for all of them.

Note: position 20091831 is about SNP BY182167.

UPD: Dec-01-2018

I’m Y128456+, FGC63213+, Y128937+, BY182167+, BY51714+ and Y91535– (and negative for nested SNPs).




Old, well known yDNA page has been also modified (Sep-2018):

big y results page

Note. So far 403541 variants considering for matching (Dec-26-2018. Sep-2018 was 376211).

new haplotree \ countries

Sep-29-2018, FTDNA released new public yDNA tree.


Those dark-blue SNPs are known for the moment, and those green SNPs are new.  In particular:

  • Y70430 is an SNP which assigned to FTDNA account with ancestry (genetics data) from Belarus and Greece.
  • FGC63213 is assigned as terminal SNP for me (Ukrainian) and another Lithuanian person.

For example Y4460 Country report shows, that majority of kits ordered are from Ukraine and Russia ( Sep-2018):

There is detailed report for every country, and I expect it to be changed all the time.

So goal for the 2018 year to forecast – will it be Ukrainian or Russian haplogroup?
Despite the fact I may not like it, but very probable it might possible – Russian as majority.


new haplotree \ surnames

I can see other surnames.

But surnames report is NOT available for my terminal SNP.  FTDNA describes this:

The public Y-DNA haplotree will only display a surname if two or more kits with the same surname that have opted into sharing are both confirmed positive for a Y-DNA SNP.

new haplotree \ variants

Other variants are also show, when you switch to it:

Note: Big Y 500 SNPs info found: FGC63213, Y128456, Y128937, BY51714, BY182167 (by SNP name).

Info found: FGC63213, Y128937, Y128456, BY51714, BY182167 (position 20091831. yfull has info, but not on tree)

After I got info from FTDNA, I sent small email to YFull support about new discoveries. And next day, information was updated on web page. So YFULL assigned I-Y128456 as my Y-Haplogroup, with terminal SNP Y128456.

So far, not much SNPs under Y128456, so age estimation is zero:

Note: I forecast (based on my guess and previous calculations technique), that ~2000 ybp, my paternal ancestor and that Lithuanian person paternal ancestor were born from one father. Who was that? What his surname? No idea at all.



Url for shared yfull YReport. But the very bottom looks like this:

Tree Y4460

v6.05.15 (Sep-27-2018):

Besides, As I personally expect, but I’m not sure it’s correct, but YFULL put my under Y3106, which is “no call position” based on Big Y/BAM file. Same with B57. But for sure, that new positive SNPs mentioned above (represented on yfull by Y128456) are all sub branches for Y4460.

Note: FTDNA Y88617 is the same level as Y91535 in YFULL (Confirmed by Dec-2018 tree from i2aproject).


Details about SNPs:

  • Y128456 (G=>A, hg38 pos. 14409726)

  • FGC63213 (T=>C, hg38 pos. 7093447) found as Novel SNPs \ Ambiguous qual,

  • Y128937 (A=>C, hg38 pos. 8110062) found as Novel SNPs \ Best qual

  • BY51714 (G=>T, hg38 pos. 20278696) found but not assigned to any “qual” group/tab.

  • And here is info from FTDNA by SNP name:


yfull SNP matches

TBD more

M423 panel is almost the same as was before. But they added one middle SNP YP126, which is on the same level as S2602. So latest tree of SNPs able to test is (PDF file):

Dec-2018, my SNP I-FGC63213 added to panel. Based on yfull, I’m negative for Y101641. Archived versions sep-29-2018

ISOGG team, stopped/deprecated old approach with tree on web page, and migrated to Google Spreadsheet. So ne the latest tree looks like this:



New resource, discovered in Dec-2018, after Thomas Krahn mentioned it on Facebook YSEQ group.

So I uploaded STRs from FTDNA and also another set, from YFULL, which in fact based on BAM file from FTDNA. so it’s quite similar, but file contents a bit different.

And I also uploaded FASTA file for my mother mtDNA research:

As for the test, I uploaded STR info from FTDNA, and from YFULL, and looks like FTDNA csv fils as original, is much better/consistent, with STR representation on mitoYDNA:

Not really helpful for now (Dec-2018).





I posted a question, on YSEQ Facebook group. Here is one of interesting replies:

By nature of myself and my life, I always care about true information, about proper and fair business and receiving help from others in the area where I don’t have knowledge and expertise. That reply by person related to #YSEQ, to my question, with explanation why YSEQ does “read” position for B57 SNP (child for Y4460) in Y chromosome, and I have T+, but neither FTDNA nor YFULL (based on BAM upload) can’t see/read. It shows me, that genetics sometimes is money for nothing, but sometimes it’s very valuable investment in future. Would be great if someone from FTDNA answer about how BigY technical base/algorithm will evolve? Will it be upgraded by using new chips (Ilumina? Sanger?), to get latest information about genome? Does it make sense to order WGS (wiki, yseq) instead or additional to BigY? etc.



Wiki – Daujotas:

Daujotas was one of the 5 elder Lithuanian dukes mentioned in the peace treaty with Halych-Volhynia in 1219. In the same document Vilikaila is mentioned as brother of Daujotas which suggests that Daujotas was the older or perhaps more influential brother. The brothers are not mentioned in any other sources. Tomas Baranauskas, a modern Lithuanian historian, believes that Vilikaila and Daujotas might be sons of Stekšys, a Lithuanian duke killed in 1214.”

The fact is, that Halych-Volhynia kindom, in particular HALYCH or Galicia, is a place, where all my ancestry from. At least since ~1750 years (AD). My latest/earlier written fact about my village is 1474 AD. These days I also research years 1200-1400, and so far no luck finding at least a fact of people living that place. To fill the gap in my research, I hope for the help from genetics, people, community, Internet.
So if Daujotas surname is derived from first name “Daujotas”, and duke Daujotas himself, or his son(s), left male offspring (legal, illegal, doesn’t matter now) in Halych/Galicia region somewhere, it would explain, why we both have same SNP I2a-FGC63213. Yes, me and Mr. Daujotas, we don’t have Matches between each other, based on Big Y, even on Y4460 level, but this I will leave for FTDNA algorithms. I personally feel, that there should be something related from Lithuanians and Kievian Ruś realations, or later Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth period of time between our ancestors. I just feel it




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