This is my 2nd blog (from 4 active blogs) and my name is Andrii Lundiak. Contact me via email (landike AT gmail.com) if you have any info related.

Main purpose of this blog is genealogy. I do research of my family tree, etymology of surnames and history analysis.

I’m from Ukraine, born in village Molodkiv, near Nadvirna, Ivano-Frankiwsk, Galicia.

Spoken languages: UA (native), RU (fluent), EN (advanced), PL (rozumiem ale nie mówiem).

My DNA results so far:

  • Y-DNA: I2a/I-P37/L621 => CTS10228+ [ Y4460+ (Y3118-) ], Z17855-, S17250-.
  • mtDNA: H.
  • atDNA: 84% Eastern European, 2% South European, Ashkenazi 8%, Middle Eastern (Asia Minor) 6%.

I work as Web Developer. For the work-related content I have separate blog.

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