Surnames and Locations

Step by step, I have lot of information about places, where LUNDIAK-s were born, grew up, evolved, migrated, worked, returned, temporary settled, buried. Based on yDNA/atDNA/mtDNA matches from GEDMATCH and FTDNA I have many inputs now. So, in this post I want to define some “correlation” between locations and surnames. Below list will be updated, as soon as I find some new location, which potential can be related to my ancestors.


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Lundiaks: Lost-n-Found [Molotkow, Markowa, Nowica, Kosice]

Based on my past finding, regarding Lundiak Jacab-Teodor in Kosice (Slovakia), I came across Internet again, and discovered a few findings about my Lundiak’s ancestors who went to First World War and did not come back.
I found web site, which gave me great results of LUNDIAK findings.
And this is awesome 🙂


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