DNA Haplogroups for Genetic Genealogy

It was beginning of my DNA research – I just found info about DNA for Ruriks – Gediminas and Rurik, agnatic kinsmen
The DNA results of modern Rurikid princes indicate that Rurik was probably of
Finno-Ugrian descent (haplogroup N1C1, formerly designated N3a1). Further
genetic studies seem to indicate the existence of two haplogroups among
modern Rurikids: the descendants of Vladimir II Monomakh (Monomakhoviches)
and some others are of N1c1 group typical for Finno-Ugrian people, while the
descendants of a junior prince from the branch of Oleg I of Chernihiv
(Olgoviches) are of R1a group typical for Slavic peoples.
Russian population was thusly formed in part of descendants of Finnic inhabitants of the areas, and in part of descendants of Slavic Indo-Europeans.

This article turn on my another step of research: Genetic Genealogy

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