small reward

More than 10 years of research of genealogy, etymology, DNA, families, surnames, languages, countries, customs and I have received small reward recently – feedback from person, whom my data helped to find a lost family information.

Martha Gadecki (Chacewicz, Lundziak)

“I was doing a Google search on my mother’s maiden name “Lundziak” when I came across the My Heritage site and saw a photo of my mother there.”

“I was so surprised to find this information and photos. It was almost a shock to see my Mom’s photo on the internet.”

“Thanks to you for all the helpful information and time you are devoting to this. Very much appreciated.”

“Your work is very impressive. If you find out any further info about either family line, I would be thankful to get it at your convenience. I can imagine how busy you must be – with work and so many projects.”

“I just had a chance to take a good look at the family tree with the inclusion of our family in it, and just want to thank you for all your work. It seems quite an undertaking. I’m still amazed and happy.”


Lundziak (Люндяк, Люндзяк) and Łundziak (Лундяк, Лундзяк) 1) Дякуючи моєму дослідженню роду Люндяків в Новиці (Калуський рон) мене найшла жінка з Америки – бо вона найшла в моєму дереві фотки її мами. Потім вона зрозуміла, що віднайшла втрачену гілку родичів з України і тепер і з Чехії Їх мама Марія і прізвище по татові було LUNDZIAK – це польска форма прізвища ЛУНДЯК (ЛЮНДЯК) – по буквах нам виглядає як лундзяк. Lundziak_Birth_Record_from_Martha

2) В Інтернеті я найшов найстаріший офіційний записLUNDZIAK FRANCISKA – Лундзяк (Лундяк) Францішка – яка народжена 1844го року десь в Німеччині, і з Гамбурга (Німеччина) мігрувала в Америку (New York) в 1873му році. Lundziak_Francishka_1844 Francishka

If this is true – I FOUND THE OLDEST OFFICIAL RECORD of LUNDZIAK – and it’s in Germany. So her father could be between 1820-1810. This is still open research.

UPD: 2017, this Franciska might be the daughter (Mar 10 1843) of Adalaberti/Wojcech Lunda et Catharina/Katarzyna Hilbrecht/Willbrecht – I added to “LUNDA tree” on MyHeritage. Birth place potentially Lemberg.